About Mastieats - The Ricky & Robby Story

From the beginning, Robby and Ricky have been partners in life. As cousins whose families immigrated to the United States from the Punjab region of India in the 1970s, they describe their childhoods as “practically living in each other’s houses”— the key Indian values of familial support and love keeping them close even as they grew up into different careers.

Ricky, after growing up in the restaurant business, had a vision for eliminating the stereotypes associated with Indian food by offering Indian street food in a modern, approachable environment. He traveled the streets of India to capture special roadside recipes to take back to Atlanta, where he founded Masti. Robby attended Georgia Tech and grasped a technological corporate role in Atlanta. He assumed a career of understanding the personal experience through a business lens and developed a passion for marketing and salesmanship. He became a chief marketing officer in several companies, finding that his true love was the human experience.

Knowing they are stronger together, Ricky combined his culinary vision with Robby’s knowledge of marketing and technology to form MastiEats, a unique meal service that allows for the experience of innovative, delicious Indian street food in the comfort of your own home.

MastiEats seeks to inspire and expand your palate.  We are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer experience with the highest quality meals. We seek to create a culture of acceptance, accountability, transparency, and respect so that you can love the dishes we create in a fun and modern environment.

Welcome to the Masti family!

Ricky and Robby, the Masti boys

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